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Not left or right but forward. Couldn’t be more apt. While the DNC and the GOP trade jabs at the expense of the people of America one Asian guy is picking up the slack and looking to pragmatically solve the problems ailing this country and as such the globe.


{^in quotes because the competition is NOT that; it’s controlled opposition; OWNED BY THE DNC [a criminal organization for all intents and purposes](read wikileaks)}:

Bernie Sanders: Recent Communist convert; believes racking up the already outrageous 1.5 trillion dollars in student debt through a Government backed education system is bright; despite the Government being the largest provider of student loans ALREADY by a very large margin (from what I understand banks got out of giving student loans in 2012). And somehow with more people graduating college they’ll be primed for jobs that already DON’T exist! Brilliant!

Joe Biden: The only human on the planet actually more handsy than they guy that says “grab’em by the pussy,” believes in policy secrecy and thinks simply attacking Trump (the tactic that got Trump elected; People HATE the government, when people from said Government attack Trump it makes him MORE likable… WAKE UP!) will score him the nomination {if it’s rigged (the DNC) like last time perhaps it will}.

Elizabeth Warren AND Pete Buttigieg: Think that identity politics is the answer, because that’s been working sooo well recently. Being gay or a faux Indian isn’t qualifying for the presidency material; sorry. These two goons also believe in more “higher” education (in quotes cause you gotta be stupid-high to believe it “better” than the trades) and jobs guarantees.

Kamala Harris: UNELECTABLE.

Tulsi Gabbard: Doesn’t appear to be competition (owned by the DNC) but primed to work with Yang and is quite frankly the next best of the Democratic bunch.


None of the Democratic candidates (sans Yang) have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump in the general. The Bernie voters from 2016 that voted for Trump aren’t going back to Bernie. And Mr. Sanders has the largest and most energetic base of all candidates running. His base DOES NOT transfer to the other candidates (it splits Green and Libertarian).

Next, 40% + of the voting Millennials 2016 voted for Trump; they are the largest voting block in the US and most are apathetic (bigger number of non-voters than voters [46%]).

Furthermore, information about the candidates, polling, and plausibility of winning are being disseminated by the same institutions that brought you Hillary’s 98% chance of winning in 2016. Questioning “where did you get your data” is moronic when the places to gather the data in question are questionable AT BEST and just straight lying (more likely) at worst.

Wait there’s more: Yang is offering $1000 per month to EVERYONE! Do you know how many recent college grads live in their parents basement, I do! 50+% of recent college grads MOVE BACK HOME! Now, I’m for extended family living, but this is NOT what I have in mind. All those apathy votes are Yang’s. Cause even with Cheeto dust covering their fingertips they’ll come out in droves for the payout [Mind you Yang is the ONLY one offering a payout for shedding apathy].


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Everywhere! But, like all new data synthesis it has to be done up in someone’s head first.

This election is the first true election of the digital age; because it’s the first time those who’ve had the internet all their lives are willing and able to cast votes. THIS election (2020) is the first that the voters can see things clearly. <That is BECAUSE the MSM is known to be peddling non-sense by the MAJORITY of the citizenry. Meaning in order to do due diligence you must step OUTSIDE of the Gated Institutional Narrative. AND that narrative doesn’t hold up to scrutiny of even the softest kind.


Yang and Trump are the only two candidates with ammunition of this type in their arsenal. Bernie supporters cutely try but fail hilariously; this is because memes require truth to hit home (ring true).

{MEMES are attached here to this post; I’d say at this point Yang has the upper hand}


Trump is floating on a phony cloud. It’s he who has pie in the sky ideas about the state of the country; and conversely Yang wrote a book essentially debunking our notion that “things are getting better.”

GDP is up; but it measures not well-being. Stock market is up; but it measures not actual wealth. Unemployment is down; but it measures not actual numbers of employed peoples but does so only against a silly “those still seeking employment” model AND counts part time and temp jobs into the figure in a positive fashion when they are anything but… Do I need to go on?

Yang proposes fixing these measures; he proposes paying people for value added. This starts out as an emergent solution in the form of UBI. The Freedom Dividend (the data dividend) is a tool. It’s one of the only economic tools that is bottom-up and allows for emergence. This is exactly what we need in times of turmoil.

Mother’s ought to be “paid” to mother. Student athletes ought to be paid for participation. Internet users (YOU) ought to be paid for the attention you bring to advertisers and the data you produce on platforms (not unlike this very piece of writing; currently valued at “how many people’s minds I can change” and nothing more){You should note here I have no incentive to write these posts I write, other than disseminating the truth of the matter; as people are better off for understanding the truth}.

The actual state of the union is dismal; we’ve demolished the family (the prime benefactor of UBI as the monies can be pooled and go into securing assets already in use) and have squeezed the middle, redistributing reproduction down to the lower classes and wealth into the hands of the upper class. It’s time to bail out the productive {which is what we ought to have done in 2008 instead of giving the money back to the banks so that they can raise their criteria for lending and keep said tax dollars out of the hands of the middle class… THEY AND THE GOVERNMENT STOLE FROM YOU!}


Yang wants to keep and secure the boarder; he doesn’t want to take your guns; he believes in value added immigration (not a blanket policy nor a lottery); he wants to expand the trades; he doesn’t want to see college debt become more bloated than it is; he’d like to re-center democracy around the family {paying Freedom Dividend}…

These areas and more are where he and he alone can take votes from Trump. Votes on those positions above are ALL Trump’s given ANY OTHER race. Look, I’m not stating Yang is the best thing since sliced bread (although I’m fond of him) he’s the best thing we have going by far and he’s less than 13K unique donors away from wrapping up his position on the second debate stages in Sept and Oct.

Yang is twice as smart as any other dem running; he’s competed on debate teams and will outshine all of them with the luminousness of the sun as long as the questioning isn’t rigged and leaked (as it was in 2016) and even if it is he’s quick enough on his feet to appear the most collected of the candidates.


We are exiting Game A [TOP DOWN: gated institutional narrative driven democracy] and entering into Game B [BOTTOM UP: systems based interaction]; UBI is a transitional policy; it’s a chaos mitigator because it opens up as opposed to closing down (as rules and laws do) pathways.

You’re all in the Yang Gang you just don’t know it… get yourself a hat [;] {#securethehat#securethebags} join a group [ ] AND spread some memes, let’s get after it!

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