(written in 2018)

“We wouldn’t have to enforce so many rules if we just created better games.” —Brandon Hayes

Simply being born throws you directly into a set of games (life) that you are hardwired (genetically) to learn to play (the phenomenologists call this “thrownness”). You are built on the genetic platform that has conquered (thrived in) every corner of the globe, you are that which can adapt; there are those alive that have lived through being kept in concentration camps and prison cells (the worst and most brutal of realities). There isn’t a life scenario that is too rough for Humans. We adapt so well that we’ll even do so against our own long-term best interest!

You must understand; Humans have added (created) games (culture/society) you didn’t ask to, nor are you tooled to play. The issue mainly being we’ve added games that take too long to learn and MOST PEOPLE LOSE! This is objectively counterproductive; and ought to literally be against the law. AND under fair play fascism it is.

There’s an emergent ethic in the animal world that surrounds fair play, it’s built in:

If you pair rats off to wrestle (play), a rat with a 10% size advantage can win every time. BUT, after winning once; the submissive rat (loser) has to perform a play invitation (play bow; like a dog) then they play again. If the big rat doesn’t throw (lose purposefully) 30% of the bouts; the little rat will stop asking the big on to play. This is the emergent ethic of reciprocity and fair play. Mammals have play circuitry. And we are masters at spotting cheaters!

The more bouts the better the rats get a “scrapping.” For the repeated game to end IS the LOSS! For play to cease is a LOSS. To forgo the physical practice IS THE LOSS. Losing the individual bouts is trivial in the scheme of life.

Being fair (Moral AND ethical) means playing games that spiral-up and iterate well into perpetuity. If the game you’re playing is a devolving one; we should be tooling to the world to “do without” said game; as the continuation of play will leave people destitute.


The following are some tenants of free market fascism:

If you don’t want to play a game; you do not have to. This is fair. [No participation nor association needed; free to disassociate.]

If you do decide to play a game; the rules will be clearly delineated. This is fair. [Easy to understand and follow; clear what an infraction looks like.]

The games designers, creators, and rules enforcers don’t get special treatment. This is fair. [No institutions taking advantage of asymmetries at the expense of individuals.]

If you’d like to play your own games [every man a judge]; you ought to be able, as long as the rules are fair. This is fair.

We have one law [nomocracy](natural law), the law of reciprocity. Violations of our Moral and ethical code; breaking the only law will be met with swift and harsh punishment; zero tolerance for law breakers. [Every man a craftsman, a sheriff, a judge, a warrior.]

However, under this model “rules” for games are fungible! [No limits on new games or adjustments of current games] This is the beauty; the seriousness is at the level of life and death ONLY; the rest is understanding that your interactions on this plane of existence are contractual [contracts between Humans (two or more) or between Human(s) and groups]. You must uphold your agreements; you must be a man of your word.

I am for a foundational national and/or world level education [let’s abuse our current infrastructure to get this right]. Why!? Well, we are all Humans AND natural law is universal AND a foolproof framework for operating inside its boundaries is paramount for living and exchanging with Human animals while minimizing or removing negative externalities. If we set people (ALL PEOPLE) up to measure for fairness and(of) outcomes we won’t be roped into playing games with tilted fields, stacked decks, hidden rules, unfair enforcement, nor undue advantage. Practicing fairness will breed flourishing.

Oh, but we can’t possibly help others without pooling funds and having large bureaucratic institutions looking-out for worldly health and wellness outcomes; No! Wrong again:

  • By: Olavo de Carvalho

The world is looking a gift horse in the mouth. Americans don’t lack tolerance; we lack the ability to spot being taken advantage of. We aren’t solving for the problems that we and other nations create; we are actively making things worse by allowing others not to foot the cost of their choices.

We are thrown into a world that is unfair and unequal. We are born with different capabilities and plausible synergistic life paths; we are squandering Human potential by attempting to extract monetary “value” from, at best, semi-autonomous agents (at worst mindless NPCs). Instead of allowing the world to mold Humans with Agency only limited by their imaginations to pursue goals, aims, and outcomes not able to be thought of in our current state of suppressed consciousness. Limits allow for creativity, sure; but fuck, we’re born with enough God-damned limits.

Your games stifle Humans, mine allow them to flourish.

Your games create suffering, mine create self-sufficiency.

Your games are expensive and confusing, mine are cheap and easy.

Your games everyone but a few lose, mine everyone but a few (liars, cheaters, killers, and thieves [losers]) win.

Your games produce fear of risk, love, and death, mine produce love of risk, unbound-less risky love (not to be confused with LUST, America), and acceptance of certain death.

When you understand that this set of games never stops; and you’re an agent that must make sure you leave a playable set of games and able characters behind when you leave; you’re gifted plenty of purpose; for you’re a molder of men [a biological sculptor; we all ought to be] and many famed Humans sculpted merely stone. The Humans of the future must sculpt each other better in order to survive. You cripple and stifle your brothers in body and mind at your peril.

This solution is the one choice that allows for and infinite flow of fairly constrained [constrained only by there adherence to fairness] individual choices. It’s an ultimate limit that allows for limitless movement. It’s a paradise for Human agents; free from undue predation, parasitism, and free-riding. One law to make free and fair all reciprocal interaction.



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Brandon Hayes

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